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AFG | MUST HAVE outfits

I've been absent for a while because of my finals, buuut here we are with a few outfits I'm obsessed with and can't get out of my head.

P.S. This post was planned for April/May so that's why these are not summer fits.

-Firstly, for a clean and cohesive look use neutral colors such as beige, white, ivory, nude or hazelnut. I love Italian and French fashion, which is exactly all about simplicity and neutral colors.

Source: IG @mimiarr

-Oh, this Miu Miu look will be carved into my mind for a long time. This was Miu Miu's look for Spring collection 2022 and as you can see here are neutral colors again.

-Also, this look may look familiar to you and it is if you remember Britney Spears's music video "Baby One More Time". This is her iconic infamous outfit, a school uniform.

Source: IG @livia

-There is something about matching sets that makes outfit effortlessly clean and in place and fashionable. I love this '90 vibe and I totally can see Kendall Jenner rocking this outfit.

Source: IG @imfashionbabe

-It's a bad picture cuz it's a screenshot from Instagram story but when I saw this outfit I wanted to recreate it sooo badly.

-These cargo '90s pants are my new obsession and I found similar pants but I couldn't find the corset.

Source: IG @lexibrookerivera

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