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Becoming "That Girl" Trend | How To Be "That Girl"

I've seen this trend going around for a while now where people are becoming their best version of themselves.

This trend is all about prioritizing yourself, working towards your goals and stop making any excuses anymore, romanticizing life and finding joy in little things.


-Wake up early

-Watch the sunrise

-Drink lemon water/lemande

-Write to do list/journal


-10,000 steps in the day

-Shower and get ready

-Skincare routine





-Read a book

We all heard about "THAT" girl, not your average girl, but "THAT" girl. It's a girl that has her life together from aesthetic meals to peak fitness, reading for pleasure and having a perfect skincare routine.

Basically, this trend is all about motivating you to be super healthy, organized, fit, eat healthy, journal and meditate.

STEP 1 - Waking up early

To become that girl you need to have a good consistent sleeping schedule which means going to the bed around relatively the same time every night.

Not only it will give you that good beauty sleep but also great skin and great muscle recovery.

Also, you need to have a good waking up routine because that is key if you want to be productive.

STEP 2 - Work out

One of the main ideas of "that girl" trend is the workout routine. Now, personally, I love working out at home, and I think it would be even better if I had time to go to the gym.

When I finish the workout I feel so fulfilled and ready to do more productive things. Also, not only that I feel that I look better but I also feel happier, more energized and like I have my life together.

STEP 3 - Nutrition & cooking

Eating healthy is so crucial cuz of so many things.

First of all if you want to lose some weight or get fit, eating healthy is the key. Healthy eating is 80% of the process and working out is 20%. But one can't go without the other. Secondly, you will feel physically and then also mentally better.

What do I mean by healthy eating? Well eating at the relatevly same time (but not after 19/20h), eating a lot of white meat, vegetables, fish, proteins and fruit, and avoiding sugar and junk food.

You can find so many interesting healthy recipes on YouTube, Google, Instagram and Pinterest so you can always try something new. Also, try cooking by yourself it will be more interesting and it'll give you that feeling of wanting to get things done.

-Comment down below for recipes and workout tips-

STEP 4 - Skincare

Selfcare means something different to everybody, personally this is a key routine that I have to have in my life as it makes me feel good on the outside as well as on the inside.

Whenever I feel down or tired I know that taking a bath, cleaning my skin and moisturizing it and using some face masks will make me feel better. Focusing on my skincare really

motivates me to get stuff done and be productive.

Give this a try and apply it in your life because it could be life-changing. Just get busy and forget about all the negative stuff. Oh, and also read a book!

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