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Blair Waldorf The Dictator Of Taste

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

-“Gossip Girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”. -

-Queen B, Blair Waldorf, is a extroverted, natural-born leader.

-There's no dilema that Gossip Girl one of most popular and iconic teen shows and I believe it will remain like that for a long time. This show made us all dream of life on Upper East Side of New York and it defined the real-world fashion, and lifestyle.

Analysis Of Blair Waldorf's style

"The day of a fashion show, the smell of fresh pleats wafting through the city."

-Queen B is all about power-dress, pop of colors, layering, headbands etc.

- She loves Audrey Hepburn, and she emulates Anna Wintour. She takes a classic outfit and gives it a modern twist.

-Headband is her simbol and she wears a different one in every episode. She's an overachiever in disguise and an artist at heart.

-Here are some of her preppiest and most memorable outfits-

-When it comes to BFF's are you a Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen? Blair is a total control freak, big mood, a big inspiration, and let's be honest a big bitch.

-She goes after everything she wants and no one and nothing can stop her. Everything she has, she got from her hard-work. She always focuses on the goal except when it comes to Chuck Bass.

-Serena on the other hand, goes where the wind takes her. She is a hopeless romantic, the biggest nightmare of every mother, and indecisive when it comes to her life and future.

-She is very charming and charismatic, and that's why she dated half of Upper East Side.

-But in the end, there's no Blair Waldorf without Serena van der Woodsen, and the other way around. We all have one total bitch, Blair, and a friend with new boyfriend every month, Serena!

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