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Fall 2021 Fashion Trends | The Top Fahion Trends of the Fall 2021

-I've been waiting all summer to feel sparkly again and even though the summer isn't quite over yet, we are all looking forward to the season of layering outfits, blazers and flannel jackets.

-Last few months have really flown by and summer was great and all, but the fall is a month of fashion.

-I'm so excited for new fashion trends this fall that and for those wich are having a comeback so here they are.

-Cowboy boots are definitely having a comeback and guess who started this trend? Kendall Jenner. I think we'll be seeing them in a lot of colors and patterns.

-There are certain times in fashion when everybody's hoping that some trends are not coming back again.

-Like it or not low rise jeans are having a comeback , hopefully without abnormal expectations for a woman's body. Love the way they look, hate the way they feel, but fashion knows not of comfort.

-We're going to be seeing a lot of matching business suits and skirts and I'm simply obsessed with blazers so I'm happy for this trend.

-Oversized shirts are something that you definitely need in your wardrobe and we're going to see a lot of oversized this fall.

-I'm so excited for this one and it's preppy style. Even though I wouldn't say I'm this type of girl, I can't wait for all our Blair Waldorf fantasies to come true.

-Speaking of preppy, we're going to see a lot of sweater vests, especially with layering.

-We saw a lot of fur sweaters emerge at the end of last winter.

-This year it's gonna transfer into furry coats, and considering how much we've been loving the colors of 2021, we can expect to see them in a lot of different statement colors.

-Next of, the puffer jacket. Don't worry we'll be seeing a lot of them this winter too, and they can be styled in so many different ways.

-The only thing is that I think we're going to see them in a lot of different colors, which is a good thing.

-We saw a lot of high knee boots last winter and they are here to stay.

-And the flannel is, thankfully, not going anywhere, it wouldn't be fall without her.

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