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Fashion Trends Fall & Winter 2022| Outfit Inspo Part II

-Aaand late part II. It's been a minute but, no introduction needed let's get right to it.

1 - Knitwear

-First and obvious fall & winter trend is KNITWEAR. We've seen it all around us and on the internet, especially the striped sweater.

I personally like sweaters, they are cozy and cute, but unfortunately, I'm always struggling to find oversized ones that fit me because of my height.

2 - Parachute pants

-Then, another trend you also must've seen around are PARACHUTE PANTS. They are cool, not hard to style with and they stand out your waist.

Our queen, Hailey, herself has been rocking LA summer looks in these. Hailey approves, we wear.

P.S. I know I'm always mentioning Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. The reason for this is that their style is closest to mine and I like it and also Hailey is the one who is setting all the trends in this past year and that makes her a good example for trends.

3 - Business pants

-One of my favorite trends are trousers. BUSINESS SUIT PANTS are always the right choice and you can pair them with literally everything.

From cozy slack up fits to glammed up. Again, it's hard for us short girls to find a good fit 'cuz they are either too long or too wide in the waist.

4 - Cargo pants and skirts

-Next on: CARGO PANTS AND SKIRTS. Love them. They have taken the street style fashion world. Olive ones are my personal favorite and they have been on my list for quite a while.

I wasn't sure if should I get them, but let me tell you they are a great investment so I have no regrets.

They are soo convenient for running errands or when you go on a relaxed coffee date and you don't know what to wear.

5 - Vests

-For those who like layering (like me), vests are for you. A combination of a vest, white shirt and mini skirt is my fave and it's giving that preppy, Blair Waldorf vibes.

  • Links for these items:

Stripe sweater - ZARA

Stripe sweater - ZARA

Cargo pants (beige&olive) - ZARA (my faves)

Satin cargo pants - ZARA

Parachute pants - ZARA

Parachute cargo - ZARA

Business pants - ZARA

Business pants - ZARA

Cargo shorts - H&M

Sweater - H&M

Business pants - H&M

Elegant cargo skirt - H&M

Cargo skirt - H&M

Cargo skirt - H&M

Vest - H&M

Vest - H&M

Vest - H&M

Vest - H&M

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