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The Highest Paid Model: Kendall Jenner leads with $30 million | Richest Model Of All Time

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

-Kendall Jenner earned career worth of $30 million, and she is considered to be a highest paid model in the world just because of her name and social status.

I also wrote a post where I made a list of the top 10 best paid models in the world, so check it out!

-We all are well aware of the name Kendall Jenner and she appeares to be on top of every list for highest paid models.

A little bit about Kendall Jenner's career

-Usually, in the begining of their career, models take every job they are offered, because they need to pay their rent, paybills etc, but Kendall can afford to herself to be picky about wich offer she takes since she obviusly doesn't have those financial problems.

Mental Health

-But everything isn't as easy and beautiful as it seems.

-Kendall said that she could never deal with the preausure of being full time model, wich they're expected to deal with.

-For Kendall this was unacceptable and she was unable to keep up. So she took a huge step back from working in order to work on her mental health.

-But unlike the majority of models, she knows that she will have a job waiting for her when she goes back.

The luxury of being famous

-While most models struggle with being discovered, that isn't the case for Kendall since her family is so famous, she could have model agencies fighting over her without her putting any effort at all.

Being famous shouldn't make it okay to be rude, shouldn't it?

-For most models, if you showed up on set and started shoving people around, you would definetly have trouble finding work in the future, but of corse Kendall Jenner is above the rules.

-For example, when she was walking the red carpet at the MET gala 2018, she decided that the one of the security guards was bloking her shot, so insted of asking him to move, she reached out and gave him a shove.

Get over yourself

-People find it beneficial to get along with their co-workers, right?

-Kendall Jenner couldn't be less interested in being friendly with her fellow models unless they are as famous as her, in fact she does her best to ignore those around her.

Why so rude?

-Considering how famous she is there is no way that she will ever be persona non grata in the modeling world.

-And this is why she doesn't have to choose her words carefully, and many people have accused her for being completly out of touch and rude.

-She made a statement where she said that modeling is to hectic and that she knows that most models do 30 shows per season wich is too much for her.

This outraged her fellow models, who claimed that they do 70-80 shows in a single season.

Speaking about double standards

-Every year Victoria's Secret is choosing 40 models, wich doesn't guarentee you a spot in a future, that is unless you are Kendall Jenner.

-Izabel Goulart is Vicotria's Secrets veteran model, and she has to hustle all year in order to be relavent and make to the top and it's so stressful that she even once broke down in front of the camera while discussing what it takes to be Victoria's Secret model.

-Can you imagine how much it hurt seeing Kendall Jenner swooping in that same season just beacouse of her famous name?

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