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Jacquemus "La Montagne"| Fall 21 Runway Highlights

If someone knows how to put on a magical and colorful show it's Simon Porte Jacquemus. I mean who would forget their summer collection presented in lavender fields?

This season is no different. Even if you didn't watch the show (which was held indoors by the way, with a live audience - what normality) and you don't follow Jacquemus on Instagram, you surely saw some of the Jacquemus fall pieces on social networks which are flooded with this year collection or you saw it on your favorite influencer's Instagram!

It's been 2 weeks since the runway and my Instagram search is still full of Jacquemus photos and videos so I feel like I was there.

The opening of the show started with milk chocholate and then with their signature pink, baby blue, nude and closed it with black. I love the way they styled the looks by color mood and it's perfect 'how to' guide on color-blocking, which is so 'in' now.

The signature pink was featured as always but this time it was joined by scarlet red. Pink blazer and pants are so eye-catching and I can absolutely imagine Hailey Bieber pairing this set with some Nike Air Jordans. Also this white dress is giving me some Bella Hadid vibes. It looks like something she would be wearing on FW. The baby blue silk skirt combined with opened cleavage is so elegant, feminine and chic I would love to get my hands on that outfit!

It would be so hard to narrow down my favorite looks becouse I’m such a big Jacquemus fan and I think this new collection may be one of their strongest yet.

Welcome back Jacquemus, it was worth the wait. Since Jacquemus announced that some pieces will be available right after the release, you can shop the collection now via the Jacquemus website.

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