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Simplicity At Its Best | SIZED2

Since the quarantine tracksuits became MUST HAVE. There's something about matching tops and bottoms that looks so...pulled-together. Tracksuits became part of everyday street fashion and you can go from day to night in a tracksuit, especially in these.

This brand, made by Vladimir Gašić and Andrea Pavlović, is so aesthetically looking and so simple yet so sophisticated and the campaign that they made is giving me some 90's vibes. So, if you can't decide where to purchase a good tracksuit let me help you. Choose SIZED2. Hoodies in the most unusual and beautiful pastel colors that we all love so make sure to visit SIZED2 on Instagram.

You can wear these tracksuits for a morning coffee, brunch, also during the day if you go shopping or running some tasks or for a night out you can combine downs with some crop tops and blazer and look so effortlessly good. I saw some really good and inspiring outfits with their tracksuits, girls look like they came straight out of Hailey Bieber's closet.

And when you think it doesn't get any better than this, they made new sets with new color palette. We're talking about shorts and sweatshirts. It's a perfect set and it doesn't lag behind the tracksuits. It's a great solution for summer if you don't want to get all glamed up but want to look good and fashionable.

It would be hard to narrow down the 2 favorite colors, but if I had to it would definitely be Pistachio, Grass green and Vanilla....and Ice grey...and Sand)))

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