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The 7 Most Popular Designer Bags Ever | Luxury Women's Handbags

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

-Fashion Wishlist (Purses Edition)-

-If you don't like spending too much money on luxury bags, and you finally decided to buy one, but you're not sure which is the best fit, you are in the right place! I sorted here designer bags worth every penny and you definitely won't regret buying them.

-If you ask me every girl should have at least one bomb bag that will bring out the best of her every outfit.

-Harper's Bazaar defines the bag as an: "investment piece worthy of your wallet. It carries and protects your most valuable goods while serving as the cherry on top of every look", and I can totally agree with that claim.

-But I consider shoes also a worthy investment piece of clothing. Here's a post about luxury shoes!

-These are the bags we're shopping for now and later:

  • It's always "what are you doing", it's never "what Louis Vuitton bag you want?"

-Louis Vuitton bags are all-time favorite bags for men and women and they are every girl's first choice for a reason. They go with literally every outfit and can be that bag you wear every day.

-Links for bags:

-Click the image:

  • You can't swing a Fendi purse without knocking over five losers. Where did all the great guys go?

-Fendi has been at the top of the bag game always.

-Whether it's FF logo print, classic, extravagant, big or small their bags are iconic.

-A majority of bags, even the most popular, don't ever achieve this iconic status. And is it just me or they give some kind of vintage vibe?

-Link for bag -

  • How "La Bomba" and a Tiny Bag Changed Things For the French Brand Forever

-French brand Jacquemus is famous for its tiny bags.

-These small bags are the latest hit but fear not there are also the big bags too. I love everything about these bags - their shape, size, style, color, print... They are so glam.

-Tiny bags are now "It bags", the smaller the bag is the better, but it doesn't apply the same for prices.

Jacquemus is the whole reason why tiny bags are now so IN.

-Links for bags - ,

  • The bags under my eyes are Prada

-Everyday celebs and handbag lovers have chosen to carry Prada for years now and always looked dope.

-The Prada Nylon bag is latest hit now and has become a go-to bag for the ultra-fashionable crowd. All eyes on Prada.

-Links for bag -

  • It's Dior darling

-The Dior Saddle bag was one of the most popular bags in the mid-2000s and so is now and it's easily recognizable due to its iconic shape.

-If there was just one word to describe Saddle bag it's "ICONIC". Dior makes the best, most beautiful, unique, chic, elegant, tasteful, and stylish bags EVER. They are irreplaceable.

  • Bottega Veneta

-Ok this season we all know that Bottega Veneta has one of the most wanted bags.

-Bottega Veneta The Pouch Bag is one of my favorite bags, and It is the most wanted bag for the last two years.

-They are very simple but the shapes aren't and these bags are so fashionable.

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